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Aluminum is



aloric Venture’s aluminum building products are made from alloys that are weather-proof, corrosion resistant and immune to the harmful effects of UV rays, ensuring optimal performance over a lifetime. Our alloy improves the resistance to corrosion even further, making it possible to use aluminum on a long-term basis without expensive servicing and maintenance work, even in extreme conditions.



luminum’s flexibility and formability guarantee virtually unlimited design potential. It can be shaped, welded, screwed and cut into dynamic 3-D shapes. The extrusion process offers an almost infinite range of forms and sections, allowing designers to integrate numerous functions into single profiles. Rolled products can be manufactured flat, curved, shaped into cassettes or sandwiched with other materials. In addition, aluminum can be sawn, drilled, riveted, screwed, bent, welded and soldered.



he incredible high strength-to-weight ratio of aluminum makes it possible to design light structures with exceptional stability. The use of aluminum provides Consultants with the means to meet required performance specifications, while minimizing expenditure on foundations. The material’s light weight makes it cheaper and easier to transport and handle and reduces the risk of work-related injuries.



significant volume of waste building materials go to landfill sites, at a cost to both the economy and the environment, whilst others are recycled at a cost to the community. Aluminum is recycled in a way that pays for itself. Aluminum components can usually be recycled in a single process using up to 95% less energy than the primary production process. Almost all aluminum used in construction is recycled. Considerable energy invested in production of primary aluminum can be reinvested into other aluminum products.