With the rampant need for urbanization and development, the building sector has vanquished natural resources – air, land and water. Pollution is synonymous to the building sector. According to the World Green Building Council in 2019, the building sector contributes over 40% to the global Carbon Dioxide emissions.
Valoric Venture has a wide range of green technologies that can convert your structure into a green building. Green buildings are not just a quality standard, but they also improve the returns from the buildings, thereby turning into a better value proposition for the user. Valoric Venture provides advisory services for existing structures; to norm and transform into green buildings.


Minimized Energy

Why pay those hefty electricity bills? We advise you on how to minimize your energy usage.

Sustainable Construction Design Technology

We advise you to incorporate green building design norms in your building with easy to use, sustainable construction material. Say bye-bye to brick and mortar, better things await you at Valoric Venture.

Water Conservation & Sewage Drainage

Ways to save and conserve water. We also suggest practices to efficiently discharge wastes from your buildings.

Light Optimization

Valoric Venture designs structures as per light requirement, using optimal energy.

Indoor Air Quality

With air pollutions and viruses on the rise, it has become even more important to monitor our indoor air quality. Valoric Venture ensures that buildings are designed to circulate clean air within the structure.

Lifecycle Assessment of Buildings

Evaluate the longevity of structures, the return on investment and their environmental impact.

Predictive Maintenance of Buildings

Find ways to schedule maintenance when the need really arises. Save maintenance costs through our predictive technology recommendations

Green Buildings

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