Sustainable Agriculture Practices & Green Consulting

The rapid degradation of the environment must be tackled at many levels - energy efficiency, land utilisation, urban development, and water conservation. Valoric Venture helps companies create holistic sustainable solutions, benefitting them financially whilst optimizing resource utilisation.

Land Utilization & Soil Conservation:

There are land masses known to be marginal or arid, while other stretches of lands have been over utilized by extensive agricultural practices.

Such degraded lands can be utilized and restored respectively, by growing certain hardy varieties of bioenergy crop.

Land Sustainability

Ecological Sustainability

Soil Conservation

Alternate Source of Energy


  • Weather resistant
  • No specific soil requirement
  • Can grow on arid land masses
  • Perennial annual harvest for feedstock
  • Yield converted to biofuels
  • Good soil binders reducing river silting
  • Crop Rotation possible after increased Nitrogen and Carbon fixation in soil


  • Soil restores nutrients
  • Binds soil together
  • Converts to Fertile land
  • Resume farming on land
  • Brings rainfall, bringing down temperature
  • Allows rain water infiltration to store in ground
  • Increases Oxygen in the air

Water Conservation | Save Water | Irrigation Management in Agriculture

Water Conservation:

Excessive underground water pumping drops the groundwater level, thereby creating an overall shortage of water availability for consumption.

In agriculture, evaporation of water from the soil is a big loss to nature. This is also a major problem for the farmer community as their irrigation expenses drastically increase the production cost. In addition to this,water shortage to plants means water stress in plants;thereby reducing their crop yield.

Valoric Venture has a green solution that can now control this evaporation loss by up to 50% & reduce irrigation for agriculture.

Benefits Of Water Retainer

Minimizes irrigation
Captures air humidity into soil
Reduced water evaporation
Enhances soil nutrients
Restores underground water

Water Retainer

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